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PEMF Therapy: "Revolutionary Cure"

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

No More Pain?

There’s a lot of talk about mitochondria, the battery packs of your cells. How many mitochondria you have and how strong they are affect everything you do — from performing better to living longer. There are ways to boost your mitochondria through diet and lifestyle. But what if you could charge up your mitochondria directly — in a sense, plug them in?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy comes pretty close. All by transferring energy, PEMF has been used to improve functions like:

  • Rate of injury healing

  • Immune function

  • Sleep

  • Depression

  • Physical energy

  • Bone healing and density

  • Circulation

Dr. Oz aired a special show on the pain-relieving effects of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy that sent shock waves across North America.  According to the experts, people can get relief from chronic pain without pills and without surgery. Dr. Oz called it "The Revolutionary Cure For Pain".

“Based on a lot of research that was done at Yale, it is apparent that just about any pathology in the body is preceded by a drop in cell charge. Now we have technology that will reach down to the level of a cell that has lost charge and, due to the high intensity of the pulse, bring that pulse back to normal or a more normal situation, which allows it to replicate and produce a more normal cell.” PEMF expert Dr. Gary Ryan

Tobias offers in-office PEMF treatments. Ask about Cold Laser Therapy as well!

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