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Canadian-born Tobias Beharrell is a pioneer in the fields of quantum energy medicine and mind/body enhancement systems. His study and application within the fields of plasma, scalar,  and frequency medicine has brought him together with some of the world's leading experts on these subjects. Tobias has spent decades working and studying alongside a wide variety of alternative health professionals including doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) and cranial osteopathy. Educated as a Clinical Family Herbalist as well as a live cell microscopist, Tobias's interest in science began with the study of botany - also called plant biology or phytology - at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the 1980's. As a thought leader in both conscious and subconscious communications and biological and artificial quantum intelligence systems, Tobias believes what is natural must be preserved.

​Tobias' passion grows from a deep desire to create solutions to critical issues facing the world today. In 2005 he was called to participate in a project featuring a worldwide collective of critical thinkers including Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, peace activist Fatima Gailani, bestselling authors Julia Cameron and Marianne Williamson, Reverend Tamara Siuda, and spiritual leader ShantiMayi. The result was deep and lengthy introspection which gave Tobias the courage to uncover longlasting and impactful answers that empower all of us, even when that meant tackling subjects that others found uncomfortable. Tobias is a perpetual truth seeker who believes that if a journey to  truth means navigating a jungle filled with unknown beasts, the journey is worth taking. Especially when so few would dare venture into such treacherous unknowns.

​​With a combination of quantum technologies, real-time live cellular analysis, and herbal chemistry, Tobias sees global access to cutting edge solutions for critical mental, physical and social health issues.


His comprehensive mentorship courses taught to health practitioners and individuals around the world take people outside the box of traditional or inhibiting thinking to create astounding new possibilities for the future.


In 2008 Tobias suffered a severe spinal injury which took him to the brink of death.  His passionate search for answers and desire to bring himself back to life are now reflected in everything he does.  His experiences tell a story of overcoming extreme obstacles and reflect his deep passion to stop suffering in our world. It is a journey through fascinating worlds and quantum realities that can change the way we look at life forever.

Tobias resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where his practice relies on the most up-to-date research and continuous education available in the natural health fields. From here, he educates others by drawing from a compilation of everything he has learned along his journey. His clinical focus is on restoring in others the joys of life by freeing them from the chains of the unknown.

Tobias is a frequent speaker and guest across several alternative and mainstream networks and has spoken on over 190 FM radio stations across America.

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