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Quantum Mentorship Programs


At this time, mentorship is paused due to time constraints. Please check back in the winter months!

Build your knowledge, change your life.  Tobias offers several career study platforms including one-on-one mentorship programs that apply all of the practices, technologies and knowledge used by him. 


These one-one-one (via live video for distant learning) courses teach you advanced use of Tesla and Rife technologies. Tobias also provides one-on-one Live Blood Analysis (the only LBA course in North America which correlates natural medicines with live blood presentations) instruction and other programs personalized to individual needs.


The possibilities that come through research, study,  and practical experience of this science are endless. 


Whether to enhance your own life or professional practice, these courses give you the edge on every level.  Welcome to the world of the tomorrow people - a world of unlimited potential for positive change.


Start here for more information and contact Tobias here to book a free video meeting to discuss your needs and to answer your questions.


To learn more about courses and the quantum technologies one-on-one study courses,  book a free discovery consultation with Tobias here







Quantum Learning Opportunities


Some of Tobias's courses:


Frequency/Energy Medicine - Mentorship Courses


Functional Medicine At Home


Emergency Triage At Home


The New Medical Paradigm: What They Don't Tell You That Could Save Your Life


Practical Quantum Application Courses  


Computer & Advanced Quantum Health Technologies

Mind Technologies and Application


Life Sciences Applications

Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood and Herbal Medicine Correlations

Students Speak

How Tobias's Courses Change Lives

"I took Tobias's sixteen-week course and it has changed everything for me.  I had several serious challenges in my life and career before this that I did not know how to overcome.  The things that I learnt gave me the ability to greatly enhance my mind and overcome several health issues I had faced for years.  I literally feel like a new person and this has given me the ability to make every area of my life and work so much better.  Before Tobias's course I had ideas.  Now I have succeeded at making most of them a reality.  Thank you Tobias.  I am forever grateful!"


- Jennifer H., Kansas City 


"My decision to take Tobias's course was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  These teachings give knowledge of things that no one else ever shares, and I have learned so much! What was once a mystery to me is now clear regarding all aspects of my life.  Secrets of the ages, increasing your vibration, personal healing, and working through obstacles that had once stopped me in my tracks are just a few of the things that I have gained benefits in from this course.  


Tobias's teachings are filled with such wisdom, knowledge and humor, and he is so generous with his time!  He is a fabulous teacher and I feel truly blessed that Tobias was put in my path.  Thank you, Tobias!"


- J. Smith, Florida U.S.A.

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