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Integrative Medicine


Integrative medicine recognizes the multiple dimensions of a person rather than focusing on a singular illness or negative manifestation alone. Great importance is placed upon the body's detoxification pathways, stimulating and nourishing their proper function and flow. By doing so, we recognize the body as a highly intelligent operating system capable of correcting itself in even the most extreme of challenges. Every day more people realize that feeding our bodies synthetic chemicals to treat symptoms has nothing to do with healing at all. Recognizing and respecting the crucial cycles of nourishment and detoxification, we can bring life back into our bodies, balancing mind and spirit as we go.


Using tools such as biofeedback response testing, live blood analysis, and custom formulations of natural medicines, we develop a truly spectacular picture of how each person is responding to the world around them - and within. This exact and personalized view informs us how to make corrections in real time every step of the way.


While conventional medicine has become evermore dependent on high-tech solutions, it has turned its back on holism and simple, effective methods of intervention.  Integrative medicine does not ignore or mock the intelligent traits of modern medicine, but instead uses the positive elements within it. Integrating high-end diagnostics with the wisdom of how the body actually works is a formula that I have seen produce positive results time and time again, especially when modern medicine has failed!


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