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Pleomorphism: Biological Transformations

Many of us would rather not think about what is flowing inside of our bodies. I remember the first time I ever examined my own blood beneath the 1000x magnification of my darkfield microscope. After spending a lot of time and money over the years trying to ensure I was healthy and strong I was shocked to see how far I had to go. It was a good lesson. Using my trusted microscope to monitor blood changes I was able to adjust, treat, and learn what it takes to really be healthy. If your blood is not functioning, you are not functioning. And this is a serious problem because it is your red bloods cells that become muscles, bones, skin, and organs. Every part of your body is only as healthy as your blood.



What's In A Drop of Blood?

There exists a pleomorphic cycle within our blood. Quite simply, this means that depending on what we eat, drink, think, and feel, components of our blood change from various healthy forms (even red blood cells transform) into increasingly unhealthy forms - bacteria to yeast, yeast to fungal forms, fungal forms into mold forms, and mold into even more serious diseases. Incredibly, when we adjust and tweak things while monitoring our progress with live microscopy, we can reverse these cells back into a healthy state!


Below is a video showing this transformation. It illustrates pleomorphism in a live blood sample, representing how various dangerous and pathogenic forms can be reversed into healthy forms by adjusting diet, alkalinity, and lifestyle.

When our blood is healthy we regenerate instead of degenerate.

Look at your own blood with your own eyes by booking a live blood analysis today.


Parasites Use Red Blood Cells to Reproduce:

Trypanosoma cruzi parasites being born from human red blood cell.

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