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Medicine as nature intended: Consultations

Combining his expertise in natural medicines and live cell microscopy, Tobias offers a unique and potent mix of real world knowledge and exceptional protocols for even the most challenging of health concerns.


Book your telephone or video consultation here*: 30 minutes $95

Book your in-person consultation here*:​​​​ 30 minutes $95 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Book your live blood analysis, where you will view your own blood in person live on-screen for a full assessment here.

*Note: For consultations, after payment is complete click "Schedule" on your order receipt to choose a date and time for your appointment with Tobias. For in-person visits, further instructions on preparing for your appointment will be given by email soon after booking.

Tobias Beakers.jpg

Tobias working in his formulation lab.

Tobias uses this state of the art darkfield microscope to analyze live and dry blood samples, and in other biological research. Micrograph above: Red Blood Cells from live blood analysis and examination.

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Canadian Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate.

Tobias practices in accordance with the Canadian Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD). Compounding is generally understood as a process whereby a health care practitioner mixes, or prepares health products (natural, medicinal, etc.) to an exact specification tailored to a patient's needs, and in a vehicle desired (cream, lotion, gel, drops, capsules, pellets, etc.). Compounding is generally used to:


1. Provide products unavailable or not readily available in the specifications needed by a practitioner (eg., strength) to address the specific health concerns, symptoms and needs of a particular patient, and/or to meet the specific requirements of a particular health care practice;


2. Provide products free of preservatives, dyes and chemical allergens; and


3. Prepare palatable flavored dosage forms. Compounding is an activity performed by a health care practitioner in the context of a practitioner-patient relationship.

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