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Plasma and Scalar Therapies:

Restoring Biological Terrain:  Top Level Strategic Applications

Plasma (1) and scalar (2) field technologies are on the cutting edge of restorative health today.  These advanced systems and complex electrical wave applications are dramatically changing lives by giving options never before available.  

If you are facing extreme health challenges, there is hope.   Contact Tobias directly to speak about your options.

(1) Plasma fields (pink/purple globe below) are powerful energy fields through which complex and customized frequency harmonics are applied to create change in biological terrain. Tobias uses the worlds largest database of known frequencies. 

(2) Scalar fields are created by complex embedded longitudinal wave mechanics through which specific frequencies are transmitted to achieve homeostasis

plasma ball.gif
Plasma 2.gif

Plasma unit showing Birkeland currents - standing plasma field

Plasma unit showing pulsed frequencies (pulsed plasma field)

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