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How To Save Your Life: You Are A River (Part 1 of 3)

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

by Tobias Beharrell

September 2, 2022

Part One

Have you ever noticed how many times in a day that some advertisement is "speaking to you" about how to be healthy? From pills to supplements and vitamins to electronic devices that monitor, remind, and inspire us in the right direction, we have become desensitized because of over-stimulation on these topics. Even crazier is the fact that most of us have bought into many of these things throughout our lives, and when their promises have fallen short it can make us suspect of everything that claims it is going to make us feel better. While completely understandable, we must refocus ourselves on "the prize" so that our bad (or wow-lacking) experiences do not prevent us from finding what we really need to feel good and function in a way that makes life truly worth living. So here is Part One of my three part series on how to do it!

Children recognize what makes sense. Just ask a child this question: If a fish is sick, should we give it medicines and shots, or should we give it fresh and clean water?

Children will always choose the clean, fresh water. As humans we cannot usually see what is in the air we breath or the water we drink. And we all know that the average body is made up of 75% water. So what if that water is dirty, just like the fish bowl? To feel truly alive and feel good - really good - the rivers, streams, and lakes inside of us must be flowing freely! This is how our bodies remove poisons, garbage, and pollution.

Time For Some Real Answers

Toxins and pollution left stagnating within our internal rivers and streams are extremely acidic. In fact, even thinking about something causes acid in our cells. Acid is a product of metabolism of all kinds, and yes that includes the energy we "burn" while thinking.

"We have turned an evolutionary corner. We simply do not handle acid waste the way we used to." – Dr. Lynda Frassetto, Researcher, U of C, Berkeley

Dr. Frassetto's research showed the sheer volume of acid waste our body has to

handle has forced it to take drastic 'war' style action to preserve its strategic buffering

reserves in the kidney and liver – our major essential detoxifying organs. And what

are those reserves? The sodium bicarbonate – the alkalinity which the body uses as its

first defense against any acid.

The Acid Cycle

• Our bodies are slightly Alkaline by design. The most important fluid – blood

– is slightly alkaline at pH 7.36. By contrast, every body function is acid-producing. Acidic by function, alkaline by design.

• More and more practitioners and researchers now believe that chronic

degenerative disease flourishes in an acidic environment.

• Our body naturally buffers acidic states, but its ability to balance pH has been

overwhelmed. With acidic water that we are drinking, acidic food that we are

eating, acidic air we are breathing, and acidic thoughts we are thinking – our acid-alkaline balance has been stressed to the max.

Acids Enter Our Bodies From Many Sources:

• Metabolism

• Food and Drinks

• Exercise

• Stress

• Cellular Transformations

• Bacteria and Yeast

• Environment

We have all felt the biological sensation of lactic acid - it is the pain you feel after an intense workout. This is caused by blood purifying itself and pushing lactic acid out through the connective tissues. We feel it as a pain. Another example of this sudden acidic dump into your body is when you experience an acutely stressful situation and feeling as though you got "hit in the gut". It is much more than muscle spasms, it is a massive dump of acids and other chemicals into your gut caused by the large energy requirements of "fight or flight". Energy used produces waste products.

Acids affect each individual cell that makes up the tissues and organs in our bodies. It is a delicate balancing that is required because while the cells need to be protected from acid, they produce acid as they break down! Acids such as exotoxins and mycotoxins are produced from the bacteria and yeast that results from this breakdown of the cells as well. Combined with acid exposures from the environment – carbon monoxide, ionizing frequencies, and ever-increasing ionizing radiation – our bodies are at war! As a live cell microscopist, the results of acidity and breakdowns of tissues and toxins in the blood are commonly prevalent in the blood of my clients. When we consider that the blood is the building block of our entire bodies - from stem cells right up to the hair on our heads, bones, organs, and brain - it is understandable why we absolutely must allow our blood to be cleansed if we are to feel and be our healthiest. Did you know that at conception, when the sperm and egg meet they create a single drop of blood?

How It All Works

What then is the major organ or gland responsible for buffering acids from the body?

Would it be your lungs or your liver? Intestines or skin? You are right if you said it is the stomach. This is confusing for many people as most medical science perceives that the stomach is an acidic environment, and that is correct. What happens is that sodium, carbon dioxide, and water are needed to produce the alkaline compounds that serve to neutralize the acids from our food. If our tissues require alkalinity it is our stomach that starts creating that sodium bicarbonate to pull into the blood and tissues to neutralize the acidic wastes. It is in fact the production of the sodium bicarbonate which actually leaves behind a stomach full of hydrochloric acid as a byproduct. In fact, if you have ever felt nausea it is due to this acidic byproduct. I hope everyone who thought they were nauseous because their stomach was not acidic enough is reading this article. Nausea is not explained in any medical texts but instead described as a condition. As it pertains to its pathological origins, it is simply the body's need for more alkalinity. What better way to alkalize your body than by the fluids you are drinking, especially pure alkalized or ionized water.

In part two of this three part series, I will discuss the process of over-acidification of our internal rivers, streams, and cells, and the stages of acidic decline inside of us. In part three, I will reveal answers that will change your life. Seriously.

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