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Liquid Sunshine

Anyone who knows me, knows that it is rare that I will recommend a product that is from an outside

manufacturer. Liquid Chlorophyll by Nature's Sunshine is one such product.


Chlorophyll, the green matter in plants, is found abundantly in nature. Through the process of

photosynthesis, chlorophyll harnesses the sun’s energy in order to perform various metabolic functions.

When humans and other animals eat plant chlorophyll they benefit from the sun’s energy, too. The

mulberry leaves, from which Liquid Chlorophyll comes contains Chlorophyllin copper complex sodium,

is an excellent source of chlorophyll, found abundantly in nature. When you use Liquid Chlorophyll,

your blood cells are instantly charged with incredible benefits. And when your blood is healthy, your whole

body is healthy! Afterall, it is your red blood cells which build your organs, brain, hair, bone, muscle, and skin!



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Tobias uses this state of the art darkfield microscope to analyze live and dry blood samples, and in other biological research. Micrograph above: Red Blood Cells from live blood analysis and examination.

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