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Rife Frequencies: Killing Bacteria

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Royal Raymond Rife created several optical microscopes which were the first to allow real-time viewing of bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Albert Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance." Modern physics calls it "quantum entanglement." Simply put, it means that if any part of a single system is removed from that system to a different location, any action performed on the part will also be instantaneously performed on the parent system, and vice versa.”

In the early 1920's Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) discovered a means to view live viruses under the microscope that he built (called the Universal Microscope) with over 6,000 parts and magnification up to 60,000 times the subject’s normal size. Because of this tool, he was awarded the honor of being the first scientist to discover, by viewing it live, the cancer virus that attacks human cells.

Rife discovered the unique spectroscopic signature of each cancer virus and was able to identify several variants using a slit-spectroscope, which involves a crystal that shines light through an instrument to split the light into individual wavelengths. He used the color wavelength (spectroscopic signature) to make them visible under the virus microscope (Universal Microscope).   

​By using his microscope Rife discovered processes that had never been described in the medical world before; bacteria that could transform itself into different shapes, also called polymorphous bacteria. Rife described four different forms. Subsequently one of these forms was called T-Bacilli by another scientist, Wilhelm Reich. It was believed that these T-Bacilli were able to transform ordinary human cells into cancerous cells. A revolutionary discovery: bacteria that can cause cancer. 

The viruses would morph into different shapes throughout their life cycle in a way similar to insects (i.e. a butterfly laying eggs that become worms that develop into butterflies).  Without this knowledge it is difficult to track the virus and easy to confuse it with other entities.

What Is the RIFE Frequency?

After several years of tracking these cancer viruses, Dr. Rife reported that he had developed a technique referred to as the RIFE Frequency. Simply put, he used the resonant frequency (the unique resonant frequency that each virus vibrates at) to cause them to oscillate.  He then increased the intensity of the frequencies which resulted in the structural integrity of the virus collapsing and destroying itself. This phenomena was referred to by Rife as the “mortal oscillatory rate” or MOR.

​The fact that every cell and bacteria resonate at their own unique frequency with healthy cells and probiotics vibrating at higher frequencies resulted in only the targeted viruses getting destroyed, leaving the other tissues intact. The germ gets killed and the body is relieved of the infectious agent without damage.

Rife Tests His Experimental Treatment

In 1934, Royal Rife was given a number of human test subjects. This group was from the Pasadena County Hospital and all of them had terminal cancer. They had been essentially left to die because no more could be done for them by the cancer industry.

Under the supervision of a Special Medical Research Committee of pathologists and oncologists from the University of Southern California (USC), the patients were brought to Rife’s laboratory in San Diego to undergo his unique experimental treatment.

It was their job to expertly document the progress of the patients over a 90-day period during treatment. They reported astounding results: 86.5% of the patients were completely cancer free. Another 13.5% received an adjusted treatment (more potent) for an additional 30 days and then they also became 100% cancer-free. In conclusion Rife’s “beam-ray” technology was reported to be 100% effective against terminal (stage IV) cancer in all of the participants. 

Rife reported that his treatment simply caused the viruses to become denatured (structurally break down) which deactivated them.

Not Everyone Wants a Cure for Cancer

Rife’s technology posed a huge threat to the cancer industry and medical institutions in general who, according to statistics, get most of their revenue from oncology. In other words, if cancer can be cured they would go bankrupt − and lose out on making billions of dollars treating cancer patients.

The cancer industry was dedicated to preventing the public from discovering that there was a painless and inexpensive treatment that had a 100% cure rate for terminal cancer within Rife's study.  Without the need for drugs, there would be no need for Big Pharma.  The establishment moved fast to debunk the truth before it could get out and they were quite successful. 

​Royal Raymond Rife’s success stories were the beginning of his downfall. His character was destroyed, his microscope was dismantled and key parts stolen. His colleagues were threatened so that they turned their back on him and his archive of evidence proving that cancer can be cured was also stolen. It was devastating, but he continued on with his protocol the best he could until he died in 1971 at age 83 from alcoholism and sleeping pills.

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