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Longhaul Covid & Vaccine Complications


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The Term “Long Hauler” is used when a person experiences symptoms or health problems that linger or first appear after an associated acute illness or active infection. A Long Hauler is characterised by persistent symptoms, consistently reporting such issues as debilitating fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, neurological disorders, difficulty concentrating, headaches, brain fog, memory issues, shortness of breath, cardiac dysrhythmias, insomnia, neuropathic pain, GI problems and other debilitating symptoms.

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Live Blood Analysis is an essential tool to see many haematological issues that manifest in Covid "Longhaulers". Abnormalities occur in the production of red and white blood cells, circulatory damage to red blood cells, imbalances in coagulation/clotting process i.e. thrombocyte/platelet activation, thrombocyte/platelet aggregation, and excess fibrin production.  Also, white blood cell activation i.e. viral, bacterial or parasitic infections, inflammatory reactions, immune system depletion. Acidity within the interstitial fluids of the human body are now said to be a recognized contributor to longhaul illness.


Longterm Sickness, Huge Increase & Excess Deaths in Age Groups

(Video on Youtube - Dr. John Campbell) (U.K.)

These statistics are reflected globally, not just in the U.K.

Excess Mortalities Worldwide

Tom Woods

What is the explanation for the excess deaths we have been observing, particularly in the younger demographic?

This is the entirely reasonable question that is barely discussed if at all, and you're a bad person for raising it in the first place.

It boggles the mind that this is where things are today.

I was encouraged to see the issue raised on FOX News the other day -- and RFK, Jr., tweeted out the clip -- in a brief exchange with Dr. Marc Siegel.

The FOX News anchor began, "The Hill writes the following. 'This is bigger than Covid. Why are so many Americans dying early?' It goes on to say life insurers have been consistently sounding the alarm over these unexpected or excess deaths, which claimed 158,000 more Americans in the first nine months of 2023 than in the same period in 2019. That exceeds America's combined losses from every war since Vietnam.

"Mortality up 26% among 35- to 44-year-olds, up 19% among 25- to 34-year-olds. What in the world is going on?"

Siegel responded:

"We're doing much worse than Europe. We lost during the heart of the pandemic, about a million more excess deaths per year than Europe did. And now, after the pandemic, same thing. Why are they doing better than us? We have a very high standard of living here.

"It's also cutting straight across all socioeconomic groups. It's not just poor people, it's not just socioeconomically disadvantaged. It's everyone. Now, I had a good conversation with you before I came on. I mentioned obesity. You made a great point. You said, look, that rate hasn't gone up. So I would say part of it at least is the long-term effects of obesity. It leads to high blood pressure.

"And during the shutdowns and the lockdowns, people didn't get medical care and they got anxious and they got depressed. There was more suicide. All of that is continuing. All of the anxiety is continuing. Stress-related diseases are up. Drug abuse is still up. Alcohol is up.

"Covid itself may have long-term effects. That could be it, in terms of on the heart, lungs, kidney, but the vaccine, which definitely saved lives, nobody's studying what the long- term effects of the vaccine are here. That's also an elephant in the room. All of that has to be looked at. You can't just say, well, it's smoking, well, it's this, it's that. We need a careful examination of why this is happening. Terrible trend."

Yes, Siegel didn't say it exactly the way a lot of readers would have, but let's not miss the forest for the trees. A mainstream outlet is finally acknowledging what is going on, and letting people know it's all right to ask certain questions. You and I can't imagine having to wait for Official Opinion to let us know that certain questions can be asked, but unfortunately you and I are not most Americans.

If a lot more people had been willing to ask questions from the start, we'd never have had to endure any of this.

We watched friends and family unthinkingly accept absurdities, and demonize us for seeing through it.

Well, dear friend, here's another aspect: throughout 2024 you will be surrounded by friends and family who are no doubt lovely people, but who one year from now will be in exactly the position they're in at this very moment. Nothing essential will have changed for them.

And this is another way I intend to stand out from the drifters. I'm taking 2024 by the horns not with feckless "New Year's resolutions," but with a system that has yielded me a better year, year after year, in all those areas of my life that matter to me.

I could sit around watching TikTok or waiting to hear what the elites want me to think about the next Issue of the Day, or I can take myself seriously.

Join me (and hundreds of readers) in the latter, because the doors close tonight:

Tom Woods

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