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Links Between Lyme, MS, and
Lewy Body Dementia + Causes

Chronicity is prevalent because Biofilms in Tissue and in Circulating Blood Are Coated with Amyloid

Chronic Lyme Borreliosis is chronic because of biofilms. Colonies of borrelia can be found in amyloid-coated bioflims in tissues and circulating blood.

Image: (below) Red area is a colony of myamotoi borrelia in the blood surrounded by their own matrix (biofilm) - a combination of DNA, RNA and protein.  


Borrelia species Burdorferi group (sl) and Myamotoi borrelia (sl) are found in autopsy tissue samples and in spinal fluid from participants with select cases of Lewy Body and Lyme diseases, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Lewy Body Dementia (Diffuse Cortical Lewy Body Disease) shows Endosymbiont borrelia living inside of nematode parasite in brain (Neural Larva Migrans). Myamotoi borrelia spirochetes are detected in blood and spinal fluid. It is also detectable in the brain.

"We believe this is one of the Neural Larva Migrans illnesses wherein migrating worms through the brain causing tissue injuries and dementia. The Borrelia spirochetes partner with the worm, producing tissue injuries." 

The worms are visible in the slide below - the worms are white/yellowish with the red background is the stain for the Lewy Body which here is a red stain with an antibody to the entity which forms the Lewy Body - the toxic, protein-like amyloid in the brain of Lewy Body patients.

It is a relapsing fever borrelia and has a worldwide distribution.

(Full details on video above)


Lewy E borrelia living inside of Nematode parasite in Brain

Tobias Beharrell

Winnipeg, Manitoba


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