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You Are Sophisticated and Natural, and Your Health Should Be Too.

In just two short years, each one of us has participated in a global health crisis that is now evolving into a health renaissance. An evolution in wellness that is redefining what it means to be alive. The standards of medicine that evolved over centuries past are being modified to fit a new world with greater expectations. While some practices have come into greater prominence, others have landed on the chopping block. Many of us have sensed a loss of autonomy over our own bodies, and with it an urgent desire to set it right with better options that empower us by putting choices back into our own hands.


Have your blood analyzed in real time before your eyes! Darkfield microscopy uses whole blood from a fingertip placed under the microscope unstained, and uses high magnification (1000x and up) with a darkfield lens and specialized lighting. This incredible view allows you to clearly see what is happening within your body in real-time on a large video screen. Much more than could possibly be seen by conventional and phase contrast microscopes.

With this expert analysis of your blood, many deficiencies, biochemical imbalances or toxicities can be detected long before routine lab tests show any problems. Early nutritional intervention through dietary changes, supplementation and natural herbal medicines can then be implemented. Changes that work.

Further options include testing the body's bio-electrical responses to a wide spectrum of disease-causing states which allows us to assess, compare, target, and deliver unique individual treatments to dramatically alter the course of challenged health. Did you know that we have at our disposal an extensive global database of genetically sequenced pathogens that we can cross-reference with your own body, allowing us to identify and make adjustments that benefit your unique and individual biology?


Imagine treating yourself for a pathogen or infection without damaging antibiotics or other irritating chemicals. Or finding out that something you have suffered with for years had nothing to do with what conventional medicine was treating you for. Instead, treat yourself with a natural plant derivative or compound that is proven as effective or more effective than any known pharmacological substances without much less side effects.

Millions of people like you have changed the way they live (and enjoy) their lives because of "new medicine" - that which treats causes rather than symptoms. Advanced and practical ways of creating solutions quickly - even when everything else has failed.

"Treating symptoms or finding a cure are two completely different worlds.

For real, lasting, and robust health solutions most of us must completely un-learn

what we have been taught about illness and re-learn what it really means to be healthy."


For over a decade, my vision has been to share with people everywhere the expansive possibilities of advanced energy technologies and commonsense health practices so that we need not depend on a broken system to take care of us when we become sick. I welcome you to join me and the many others around the world who offer realistic options for learning how to truly heal ourselves.  Rather than the traditional plan that works hard to keep you in the system, my goal through education is to prevent you from needing the system in the first place.  If you are experiencing extraordinary health challenges for which no one can give you answers, let me help you find the solutions. If you would like to become adept as a practitioner of these arts, let me help you learn. Put yourself back into the driver’s seat again. Health is the greatest gift you can give to yourself or someone that you love.


Whether you are experiencing a current health crisis and need new options, or are a healthcare provider who wishes to expand your own practice by learning about alternative and advanced tools the create a robust combination of wellness therapies, book a 20-minute discovery call with me today to discuss what we can do together.  If your choice is a healthy life, I am on your side every step of the way!

Why does "functional medicine" look so different than what we have come to accept? Because it works.



"When the world said, “you cannot live”, I did not listen.

It is up to you, not them."

- From "The Definitive Guide to Nebulizer Therapies" by Tobias Beharrell

(Publishing soon!)

Blood Never Lies.


Book Cover for Tobias Beharrell's book "The Definite Guide to Nebulizer Therapies"

Do you know what to do in the event of an urgent health crisis?  Even though we do not want to think of it, what would you do if someone in your family fell ill with an acute and serious viral or bacterial infection and the hospitals and medical clinics were not available?  The solution is to know what to do before it happens! The Definitive Guide to Nebulizer Therapies gives you the information you need to guide your options during a critical health crisis.


Avoiding hospitals, medical offices, and knowing what really works before you need it can save more than time - it can save your life.

Few people are aware of the fact that the practice of inhaling certain medicinal and natural substances through a nebulizer opens an entire range of possibilities for prevention and treatments at home. Treatments that work!


The Definitive Guide to Nebulizer Therapies (And Other Lifesaving Skills During Global Change) guides you through the hard-to-navigate subject of self-treatments. It includes all the information you need to give your family peace of mind in a time filled with so much uncertainty, including customized formulations for various situations.

Coming Summer of 2022!

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Custom Herbal Medicines, tinctures, formulations, Winnipeg


The 11th Harmonic: Watch How Frequencies Work

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Some of Tobias's tools & services:


Nutritional Blood Analysis (Identifying Health Issues and "the Big Picture")

Personalized Herbal Medicines

Cold Plasma  (Targeted Health Issues, Individualized,  Frequency-Specific)


High Frequency (Inflammation, Anti-aging, Pain, Spine, Skin Infections, Bacteria, Warts, Hair Loss, Detoxification)

Microcurrent (Targeted Pleomorphic States, Bacteria, Fungus)

Cold Laser (Blood, Circulation, Inflammation, Detox)

Oxygen and Nebulizer Therapies (Lungs, Throat, Sinuses, Biofilms, Microbiome, Asthma, Bronchitis, Natural Remedies, Supplemental Therapies, Detox)


Life Enhancements

Brain Fog & Concentration Recovery

Personal and Therapeutic Protocols 

Corrective, Recovery & Trauma Therapies

Quantum Learning Opportunities

Extraordinary Solutions through:

Frequency/Energy Medicine - Mentorship Courses


Functional Medicine At Home


Emergency Triage At Home


The New Medical Paradigm: What They Don't Tell You That Could Save Your Life


Practical Quantum Application Courses  


Computer & Advanced Quantum Health Technologies

Mind Technologies and Application


Life Sciences Applications

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The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don't go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don't go back to sleep.

- Rumi



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