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Prevention, Treatment, and The Future

A World Of Information

We live in a world of information that can be difficult to navigate. While media and global social networks provide us with communication and access to information, finding what we need in an unfolding global crisis can be complicated.  The system is stressed in ways never before seen, and solutions can be confusing.


Further, access to vital services have been reduced and waiting times lengthened. What are our options?

What Is Really Happening: The Short Story


The effect of Sars-Cov2 "corona virus" are seen microscopically in the blood as: 

  • Pathological blood coagulation

  • Hypoxia

Megakaryocytes which create platelets in blood must go single file into the lungs.

Everything from chemical poisoning to environmental pollutants, the blood and interstitial fluids are compromised.  They all cause disturbances in the environment, resulting in clotting factors being activated in the blood.

Fibers (spicules) are clotting proteins formed when injury to blood vessel walls occur.  Or injuries to organ or tissue, they form to create a clot so that you don't bleed internally. 

What is causing clots inside the blood vessels as seen in autopsies of CV19 victims?  DIC Disseminated intervascular coagulation. Chemical poisoning from food, water, air, electromagnetic pulsating frequencies, and other toxins being injected into our bodies.

"We are fighting a condition that is the body's defense and reaction to an alarming situation. It is trying to protect itself from sudden death and internal bleeding. Clots are formed and as such the red blood cells are unable to go into the lungs to pick up oxygen because they must enter into pulmonary capillaries single file. When the blood circulates throughout the body, it collects carbon dioxide for removal. It is ultimately routed to the lungs via the  pulmonary capillaries to drop the carbon dioxide off and pick up new oxygen. It cannot do this if the blood is coagulated together. This embolism (clot) is formed and a dry cough results."


Other symptoms such as fever are created by the body as a means of removing metabolic dietary respiratory waste from the interstitial fluids (the fluids which surround the cells) out through the pores of the skin and other routes of elimination.  These fluids are where the poisons from the body cells and the blood are dumped. If the body cannot purify itself and this backs up in the vascular system, clots form and the blood cannot get in to remove its own waste. The result is hypercapnia - carbon dioxide poisoning. Inability to get oxygen results.

Recently, ethanol and isopropylene poisoning are being found in the interstitial fluids and blood, which is causing decompensated acidosis.  All of the antiseptic cleansers are actually toxic to the body and a contributing factor to lowering the pH of the interstitial fluids which is causing genetic mutation, and if this spills over into the blood can cause cellular breakdown or what is being called "the Corona effect".

Hypercoagulation of RBC's and Fibrin Clotting in Peripheral Blood Sample

Coagulated red blood cells (left and right sides) with clotting fibers (spicules of fibrin) in the blood plasma.

Blood Damage

Live blood micrographs of blood exhibiting damage (left, center) and the result of interventions (right) after six weeks.

What Are Our Choices?

"Whether what we are seeing globally is the result of a single and mutating virus, or the "perfect storm" of genetic variables and immunological failure, we have never been been in such need for solutions. We need options

to take care of ourselves during these unprecedented times, and we need them now."

There are solutions to blood disorders. Do not face this alone.

If you are suffering from "Long Covid" or other associated problems, contact Tobias today for a consultation and live blood analysis.


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