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The art of healing the mind, body, and spirit using the sciences of electro- biology,  natural medicine, and live cell microscopy
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You Are Natural and Sophisticated, and Your Health Should Be Too.


The art of healing the mind, body, and spirit using the sciences of electro-biology, natural medicine, and live cell microscopy

Blood Never Lies.

We are currently witnessing a global health [r]evolution that is redefining what it means to be alive. The standards of medicine which evolved over centuries are today being realigned to fit a new world with greater expectations. While some practices have come into greater prominence, others have landed on the chopping block. Many of you now desire greater  autonomy over your own bodies, with empowering options that put informed choices back into your own hands. The new [commonsense] medicine.

An increasing number of health practitioners in North America utilize darkfield microscopy - a popular procedure and mainstay of prevention-minded doctors throughout Germany and many other European countries.

Darkfield microscopy is a procedure of analyzing blood in greater detail to gather information about the terrain, the immune system, and the nutritional status of the patient. It is a way to study live whole blood cells under a specially adapted microscope that projects the image of the live blood onto a live video screen. The test is carried out by first withdrawing a very small drop of blood from the patient’s fingertip. This fresh drop of blood is then placed on a clean microscope slide and viewed under the high powered microscope which projects the image onto the video screen. This allows both practitioner and patient to see the state of health of the blood cells as well as the presence or absence of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms, clotting and nutritional factors, and other stressors.

Many of you have just felt something is "off" yet no one seems to be able to help you find out what is going on.

Nutritional Blood Analysis is for you!












Book Cover for Tobias Beharrell's book "The Definite Guide to Nebulizer Therapies"

Micrograph above: A white blood cell called a neutrophil makes its way around circulating Red Blood Cells in peripheral live blood sample and analysis.

Do you know what to do in the event of an urgent health crisis?  Even though we do not want to think of it, what would you do if someone in your family fell ill with an acute and serious viral or bacterial infection and the hospitals and medical clinics were not available?  The solution is to know what to do before it happens! The Definitive Guide to Nebulizer Therapies gives you the information you need to guide your options during a critical health crisis.


Avoiding hospitals, medical offices, and knowing what really works before you need it can save more than time - it can save your life.

Few people are aware of the fact that the practice of inhaling certain medicinal and natural substances through a nebulizer opens an entire range of possibilities for prevention and treatments at home. Treatments that work!


The Definitive Guide to Nebulizer Therapies (And Other Lifesaving Skills During Global Change) guides you through the hard-to-navigate subject of self-treatments. It gives you what you need to provide peace of mind for your family in times of  uncertainty, including customized formulations for various situations.

Coming Soon!

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New Medicine Definition
Custom Herbal Medicines, tinctures, formulations, Winnipeg
Microscopy and Herbal Dispensary

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Microscopy was first used in the earlier days of medicine for diagnosing infections. Partially because of pioneering Canadian scientist Gaston Naessens, darkfield microscopy has gained a great deal of popularity with holistically minded doctors and health practitioners who demand to see what is going on with their own eyes. With a sophisticated high-definition oil immersion darkfield condenser microscope, Tobias provides in-house live blood microscopy in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This simple procedure uses whole blood from a fingertip placed under the microscope unstained, and uses high magnification (400x to 1000x) with a darkfield lens and specialized lighting. This produces an incredible view that allows you to clearly see what is happening within your body in real-time on a large video screen. Much more than could possibly be seen by conventional and phase contrast microscopes. Tobias will explain the real-time correlations of your sample to immediate health and nutritional factors, as well as how they affect the function of your body on multiple levels. Answers are immediate, allowing corrections to be made immediately.


This expert analysis of your blood can detect many deficiencies, biochemical imbalances or toxicities long before routine lab tests show any problems. Early nutritional intervention through dietary changes, supplementation and natural herbal medicines can then be implemented. Changes that work.

As a Clinical Family Herbalist and expert in frequency medicine, Tobias combines assets to assess, compare, target, and deliver unique individualized plans which dramatically alter the course of even the most challenging of health conditions. If you are looking for answers, you are in the right place.


Imagine treating yourself for a pathogen or infection without damaging antibiotics or other irritating chemicals.  Instead, treat yourself with a natural plant derivative or compound that is in many cases proven through peer reviewed science and thousands of years of use to be as effective or more effective than any known pharmacological chemicals. As a bonus, these natural substances generally come with much less side effects as well.

[New Medicine]

People around the world have changed the way they live (and enjoy) their lives because of "new medicine" - knowledge-based practices which treat causes rather than just symptoms. Informed and practical ways of creating cutting-edge solutions through information that make sense - even when everything else has failed.


"Treating symptoms or finding a cure are two completely different things.

For robust, long-lasting health solutions most of us must completely un-learn

what we have been taught about illness and re-learn what health really is.

This starts with knowing how the body actually works to restore its optimal function."

A 2022 study of healthcare workers found 31% of clinicians globally, and 47% of U.S. healthcare

workers, plan to leave their current role within the next two to three years.

The need to source alternative health care has never been more important than it is now.


For over a decade, Tobias's vision has been to share with people everywhere the expansive possibilities of new health technologies and commonsense health practices that are available when you need them. Whether you are experiencing a current health crisis and need new options, or are a healthcare provider who wishes to expand your own practice by learning about alternative and advanced tools which create incredible new possibilities, book a 15-minute discovery call with Tobias today. And if you simply wish to have a healthier life, Tobias is on your side every step of the way. Put yourself back into the driver’s seat again.

Why does "functional medicine" look so different than what we have come to accept? Because it works.



"When the world said, “you cannot live”, I did not listen.

It is up to you, not them."

- From "The Definitive Guide to Nebulizer Therapies" by Tobias Beharrell

(Coming soon!)

Lyme Disease

Tobias specializes in Lyme Disease research, education, and counselling. Are you suffering from Lyme, Lewy Body, MS, or other neurological conditions? Click here to book a free 15-minute video call to determine how Tobias can help you!
Build Your Blood

The 11th Harmonic: Watch How Frequencies Work

Learn How Your Body Works

​Change Your Health, Change Your Life



Some of Tobias's tools & services:


Nutritional Blood Analysis Identifying Intervention & Supplemental Protocols for:

  • Skin Problems

  • Headaches

  • Brain Fog

  • Pain

  • Hives

  • Autoimmune Cascades

  • Lyme Disease

  • Parasites

  • Bacteria

  • Infections

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Circulatory Issues

  • Longhaul Covid

  • Environmental Blood Damage

  • Clotting (Fibrinogen, etc.)

  • mRNA Injection Complications

  • Spike Protein Complications


  • BLOOD TYPING Tests Available


   Water levels, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, pH,      Ketone, Sodium, Oxidative Stress, Proteins

Parasitic interventions

  • blood and Interstitium monitoring (interstitial fluids, intra/inter-cellular fluids)

  • The role of pH 

  • Terrain: Complete Re-Balancing & Testing

  • True elimination pathways (Blood, Lymph, Liver, Kidneys, Interstitium)

Combine with live blood analysis for a clear concise picture of your health.

Cold Plasma  (Targeted Health Issues, Individualized,  Frequency-Specific Therapies)


High Frequency (Inflammation, Anti-aging, Pain, Spine, Skin Infections, Bacteria, Warts, Hair Loss, Detoxification)

Microcurrent (Targeted Pleomorphic States, Bacteria, Fungus)

Cold Laser (Blood, Circulation, Inflammation, Detox)

Oxygen and Nebulizer Therapies (Lungs, Throat, Sinuses, Biofilms, Microbiome, Asthma, Bronchitis, Natural Remedies, Supplemental Therapies, Detox)

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The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don't go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don't go back to sleep.

- Rumi



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The quantum software and frequency generation systems such as the Rife used here are not approved by the FDA, Health Canada, or the Canadian Medical Association as medical devices. They are intended for use as experimental electronic devices only. They are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, cure, treatment, or mitigation of any disease or illness in human beings. Neither are they designed or intended to affect the function or structure of any human body system. We make no medical claims whatsoever for the use and application of any of the frequency generation systems, treatments, or practices spoken about here. If you have a problem with your health, please consult a licensed healthcare professional.Tobias makes no claims of treating, curing, or diagnosing any disease.This website is intended for educational purposes only. All services provided are for educational purposes only.

In the US, you can legally use frequency systems such as those described here for testing, energy balancing, life extension, and relaxation. You can experiment using frequencies on bacterial cultures, laboratory animals, and yourself. You still have a legal right to self-medicate under the Ninth Amendment of the United States Constitution.


In Germany and South Africa, as well as some other nations, frequency devices are legally licensed as medical instruments. Please note that we are not responsible whatsoever for the use, abuse, or misuse, intentionally or unintentionally, of any of the frequency generation systems or any of their component parts due to any circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In any case, I, Tobias Beharrell, or any of my associates, shall have no other liability. By using these frequency generation systems, and information on this website, you, the user, understand and accept that you have no expectation of curing any ailment. You also understand that possible negative physical and/or mental effects, unknown to us, might result from the use of these frequency generation systems. Moreover, you intend to undertake only responsible experimentation, and you voluntarily accept all responsibility for the use and application of all frequencies generated by the systems described and used on this site. Furthermore, you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any consequences, whether harmful or otherwise, that may occur as a result of using the frequency generation systems used by us and/or described and discussed on this website or elsewhere. The author of this website does not dispense medical advice or other professional advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of diagnosis or treatment for any physical, emotional, or medical condition. The intent of the author is only to offer information of an anecdotal and general nature that may be part of your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you or others use any of the information or other content provided on this website, the author and the provider/s assume no responsibility for the direct or indirect consequences. The reader should consult his or her medical, health, or other professional before adopting any of the suggestions in this website or drawing inferences from it.

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